1. Sport Rules: Ages, 5 and Up.

  2. Compiled into a Rule Book: A Rule Book is essential to keep track of all the intricacies of your newly created sport game Rules. It is also very handy to teach interested parties how to play this sport, and show the person how to use it and how exactly the game is played.

  3. Equipment: Needed, Two different color shirts, one light one dark, Each Game has it's field size Rules and Regulations.
    A wall, Inside corner of two walls, poles, Cans or nets, Water polo pool, football field, basketball court, Soccer field, Golf course, Volly Ball court, Black top, Park, Beach, and Baseball fields and Turf. Protective gear sould be warn during play, and a coin for a Coin Toss, Someone calls heads then flips the coin letting it land on the ground, WINNER GO'S FRIST. Are sometimes used.

  4. League Regulations: Ultimate Rules, Flag Disc Ball, Frisbee Golf

  5. Games: There are 12 fun games to be played. Each game has diferent set of rules. Lets get started. Pick a game 1 of 12. Read the Rules and Regulations for each game.

  6. The Foul: If a player calls a foul on another player then the Ref makes the call, if no Ref, take turn over again, "Redo" Over. If its To close to make a good call, Take down over. If its third down then you take the third down over. If there's a foul called on the play, you lose five feet or yards from starting line. If there is an off sides called, they lose five feet or yards. If foul is five feet or yards from goal line then it go's to the one yard line. No ruffing any players or a Penalty will Loose ten feet or yards or a down on that play. Can not use your feet in some games, Feet are aloud in some games. Landing on the ground ends the play. Out of bounds ends the play, One foot caught inbounds scores the yardage. The Indoor and Outdoor Rules are the same.

  7. Tie Regulations: As follows, NO Tie's In this game. Next point wins.

  8. Players: Play by yourself, two or more, Each game has choice of players, check each game rules.

  9. Scoring Points System: You will be using lines, nets, goal posts water and walls as a way of scoring points? How many points for each successful score? 2 Points for goals, 6 points for Running in. 1 Point off the wall if you catch it. if you drop it you loose a point, Score like foot ball, and water pole points as well. Or catch on a color and loss a point, When you catch it on red, you loss a point.

  10. Time Constraint: Is there a time limit, Yes! 15 seconds to throw. 4 quarters in a game, 15 minuts each quarter, Three time outs in the game for each side. or will a certain number of points need to be scored to achieve victory? Yes! some games go to 10 points, 25 points, or the most at the end of time of game.

  11. Penalty: These are the most important parts to keep players from cheating and to keep the game fair. Ref can Boot a player out of the game for five plays, that have two or more Penalty's in the game. To clear there Penalty record, Player sits out for 5 plays to clear all there Penalty's.

  12. Referees: How many referees will you have? 4 players per Ref. or none at all. leave it to the players to make the call.
    How many referees will you have? 4 players per Ref. or none at all. leave it to the players to make the call.

  13. Teams: 2 to 12 players on each team. Or one on One, or Odd number of players, can take turns, Next player plays the Winner. Can switch players if you tell Ref. or other players.

  14. Learn and Practice: Learn to practice by yourself, find two walls with an inside corner that has big room to run around to catch it after you throw it.
    First throw it at about shoulders height about four foot from inside corner, it take some time, If Right your handed then throw to the right wall side. If your left handed Then throw to the left wall side. Learn both hands.
    It is also very handy to teach interested parties how to play your sport, and to show how exactly the game works.

  15. Game Names:
    1. WAR. Just like war ball, Just without the ball, ThisToy in it's place of. "Use the "Class 3" for this game.
    2. UFO. Night Games, or played in the dark, each player needs night reflection. bands to see each other,Extended play.
    3. MARS. Played on the sand for beach games, Mark your four posts as goals. make teams, Have fun!
    4. GOLF. Just like playing golf.
    5. ULTRA. Make teams, each team plays each other, winning team TAKE ALL.
    6. TARGET. Setup a target and stand back and throw at it.
    7. TOSS IT. Stand back from wall or line, Toss it, closest to the line or wall. each player needs there own.
    8. AREA 51. Two players, one close their eyes, other hides it.
    9. H2O POLO. Just like water polo, points are the same.
    10. RED FLAG. Just like touch football, red flags can be used.
    11. N F LEAGUE. Just like pro football, no kicking field goals. the rules are the same. Same points, same field,or Play Rugby with it also.
    12. OFF THE WALL. Draw or put tape line going up in the middle of the wall for team sides. You throw to your side of line.

    10 Points WINS!, use numbers on it to score higher points. If you catch on the color red, you loss a point.

  16. Game Rules: Games and rules aren't so important because it will be much harder to learn the game if all the rules are thrown at the players at once. League Regulations Apply.
    The idea is to teach the most important and essential rules first, the ones that make the game work. Once the players are comfortable with the basics, you can start to slowly add the more complicated rule details of the sport.

  17. Now that you know the basic steps of how the Game works, Then go out and play a game with a friend or team mate; It doesn't have to be as complex as football or soccer, but something simple to play with friends can be a great way to pass time and build strong bonds.

  18. Please Tell friends about the game, Have Fun! come back and comment about the games and fun so others can enjoy your unique sport as well.

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